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Saturday, November 19, 2011

An Appeal to Visual and Audio Aids in the Study of History

It is recommended the the following sound clip be listened to while reading this post:

Dear readers,

It has been communicated to me that history is generally a boring subject. But why is it that some people find history boring? Do the deeds done by our ancestors in ages past inspire us less than the events that shape our modern world today? I say no! I believe that the problem can be traced back to the disconnection between text and visual aids. If I were presented with a full page of small text, I might lose my train of thought and read multiple lines multiple times. In addition, I may lose interest in the subject matter.  However, I submit to you that an increase in visual and audio aids substantially helps keep people's interest and thereby sharpens their understanding of deeds done in ages past. Art, architecture, paintings, modern representations, reenactments, sound recordings, even historical  movies can help. I encourage each of you if you are struggling with a certain period to explore the visual and/or audio sides rather than just the text of a subject matter. I hope this helps my readers and reduces the “boringness” of the historic record.
The following is a string of images that inspire my interest in history:
Interior of Chartres Cathedral
Pilgrims start a new world

Christ before Pilate

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